Use cork to your good health!!

An article recently published in a kitchen magazine reveals the benefits that the use of cork stoppers brings to health.
The news reports that a simple gesture, such as using a cork stopper, can "save years of life", this is revealed by researchers of Cork Technology Unit of the National Institute of Engineering, Technology and Research. The Investigators argue that the contact of the cork to wine causes an antioxidant reaction, this contact produces a chemical compound, Acutíssima A, which functions as a antitumural about 250 times stronger than a recurrent anticancer drugs used in the market .
In addition to these capital gains for health, this article highlights the salutary properties that cork brings the wine, giving it "a much more sharp tasting".
The article leaves still alert for those who have the habit of using synthetic corks, to return to the origins and use cork stoppers. "Cork stoppers allow sip your drink as it was produced, with all its features and conservation elements and, above all, keep your health high!"