Cork is always in fashion

Clothing, leatherware, furniture and decoration are some of the data uses for cork. But new fashions in the storefronts of shoe shops are flooded with sandals, boots and cork shoes. In the wedge or even serve as skin, cork is applied in various classical and sporty models for all tastes and budgets.

But is this a typically Portuguese liking- or we were not us world leaders in the sector - used by the Portuguese to their creations? No. The known guitarist Carlos Santana, has in its line of women's shoes the cork as the preferred material. Oscar de la Renta also opted for cork with more classic models and put the cork in high heels. Christian Louboutin joins beautiful high heels with a coated cork and a black skin as coating, making exquisite shoes.

- There are already numerous stores in several world capitals that already sell the product Cork in footwear, where the novelty of this raw material with unparalleled features can offer a good taste to buyer and originality.