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The cork tree will give his valuable asset every 8 years

The cork tree takes an average of 25 years to produce the first cork to produce stoppers, but the use of irrigation from the National symbol Tree of Portugal will shorten the term to less than 10 years. The industrialists rejoice and guarantee that the cycles of cork oak production should be reduced(...)

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Cork oak - A national treasure

The cork oak stands out as one of the greatest natural treasures of Portugal for the excellence of environmental services it provides. Standing out soil conservation, settlement of carbon and biodiversity conservation. The exploitation of the cork, moreover, is an environmentally sustainable proces(...)

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Cork is always in fashion

Clothing, leatherware, furniture and decoration are some of the data uses for cork. But new fashions in the storefronts of shoe shops are flooded with sandals, boots and cork shoes. In the wedge or even serve as skin, cork is applied in various classical and sporty models for all tastes and budgets.(...)

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