Wooden Capsules

for Distilled Spirits

Simplicity and elegance
in bottling

Plastic Capsules

for Disitilled Spirits

Economic bottling

Corks for still &

sparkling wines

The simplicity of the Cork Stopper in the bottling of still and sparkling wines with quality and high rotation

Positive Impact

on Climate Regulation!

Natural cork stoppers have a positive impact on climate regulation! The Natural cork stoppers have a positive carbon balance impact on climate regulation of – 5.7 grams of CO₂ eq* / cork.

The Nature Friend

in Your Bottle!

As a product taken from nature, not harmful to cork oaks as only the bark is removed from the tree without causing injury, natural cork becomes again an exponent of nature preservation and a great ally on its impact on climate regulation.

* carbon dioxide equivalence

Our process

From the tree to your bottles.

After the industrial process the cork is transformed and designed for you.

At RScork you can customize your corks.